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Faculty and Staff

Principal: Dr. Marsha Boyd-Mitchell

Dr. Boyd-Mitchell is a product of Christian School education herself. Since graduating from Rothesay Baptist Christian School, she has earned a B.Sc. in Christian School Education from Kingswood University, a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Cairn University and an Educational Doctorate from Liberty University. She has been teaching since 1998 and has served as Principal of Sussex Christian School since 2001.



VP-Administration: Mrs. Connie Moss

Mrs. Moss has a B.Ed. and an MS in Education and has been teaching since 1985. She has been involved in Sussex Christian School since 1987 in a variety of capacities including teaching, classroom assistant, serving on Council, fund-raising and promotion, and administration. Mrs. Moss also currently teaches in the high school math department. She has three children, all of whom have graduated from SCS.



Head Teacher (Grade 7 Homeroom): Mrs. Pamela Alward

Mrs. Alward has earned a B.Sc. in Christian School Education, an M.A. in Education and an M.A. in Elementary Education. She began teaching in 1985 and her experience includes 13 years as Program Director of the Christian School Education program at Bethany Bible College (now Kingswood University). In the past she has served as a valuable advisor on the SCS School Council and the Administrative Team. Along with her current teaching responsibilities for Grades 7, Mrs. Alward serves as the school’s Head Teacher. In addition, she gives leadership to the school’s Spirit Club. She is the mother of three boys, two of whom have recently graduated from SCS and the youngest scheduled to graduate this year from SCS.


Grade 11-12: Mrs. Kathye Wilson

Mrs. Wilson has her teaching degree from Kingswood University and has recently completed an MS in Education from Cairn University. She has returned to the teaching staff of SCS after living state-side with her family for a number of years. Along with homeroom duties for Grade 11-12, Mrs. Wilson teaches high school English and math, and is the teacher advisor for humanities-focused seniors. Mrs. Wilson also serves as staff representative for the Duke of Edinburgh program, which we are delighted to highlight at SCS this year. Kathye has three children, the youngest of which is a recent graduate of SCS.


Grade 10: Dr. Jeff McInnis

Dr. McInnis comes from the great state of Texas and will serve as the homeroom teacher for Grade 10 students this year, as well as teaching a variety of courses in the humanities. Jeff holds a Bachelor’s in History and Political Science, a Master’s in History, and a PhD in British Literature (St. Andrew’s University, Scotland). Dr. McInnis will be helping to shape specialized English courses to our diverse student body. He and his wife, Megan have a baby daughter, Clementine.


Grade 9: Miss Jennifer Carruthers

Miss Carruthers has the Grade 9 Homeroom and teaches high school history and government courses at SCS, as well as elementary and high school French. She is a graduate of Bethany Bible College (now Kingswood University) with a BA in Religion (Global Ministry Major), and is currently studying towards a Master’s in Education. She has her TESOL Certificate and taught ESL at SCS in 2011. Miss Carruthers worked in the Ukraine for 2½ years and Hong Kong for 9 months. She has traveled extensively: Mexico, Haiti, China, Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Italy, England and Moldova, and served for eight years as Resident Director of Women at Kingswood University. This variety of experience and ability have given her a unique lens through which to view the history that she teaches; as well as foundation of mentoring young people in a Biblical world-view.


Grade 8: Mrs. Amy Price

Mrs. Price is the homeroom teacher for Grade 8. She holds a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Commerce, as well as having a unique background in pharmaceutical technician work. We are excited that Amy’s expertise will allow us to introduce a business track with Consumer Math and Entrepreneurship in the course rotation this year. Along with a variety of math and science courses, Mrs. Price is teaching a high school fine arts course. Amy and her husband, Allen, have two young children, both enrolled at Sussex Christian School.


Grade 4-6: Miss Lauren Lee

Miss Lee is originally from Pennsylvania but has lived in the Sussex area for the past 11 years, graduating from Sussex Christian School in 2009. It is a pleasure to have this alumnus as part of the SCS Staff since 2014. Miss Lee has earned a B.A. in Christian School Education from Kingswood University and has completed a long term substitute position in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Miss Lee has recently completed a Master’s in Education from Carin University.


Grade 2-3: Mrs. Sherry McCallum

Mrs. McCallum’s number of years serving on a volunteer basis in Christian School led her to bring her husband and two children from Yarmouth, NS to complete her Bachelor of Christian School Education. During the four years of study to receive her teaching degree, Mrs. McCallum faithfully volunteered at SCS while having her children enrolled at SCS. Upon receiving her degree in 2005, she was added to the part time staff at SCS. She has served as physical education teacher and girls’ basketball coach, as well as in the classroom. Currently, she is the Grade 2-3 teacher. Her son is a graduate of SCS. Mrs. McCallum has recently completed a Master’s in Education.



Grade K-1: Mrs. Brenda Landry

Mrs. Landry joined the SCS staff in January 2016. We are excited to have her take lead of the K-1 classroom at SCS. She is a graduate of Kingswood University and is beginning graduate studies. She comes to us with nine years of teaching experience from Halifax Christian Academy. Mrs. Landry lives in Sussex with her husband, Dean, and two daughters, one of whom is enrolled at Sussex Christian School.


JK-Kindergarten: Mrs. Debra Gray

Mrs. Gray has teaching experience at a variety of levels, as well as formal business training. Currently, she anchors the SCS Sprouts (Jr. Kindergarten) program, caring for our youngest (3 and 4 year-old) students. Under her leadership the Sprouts has been voted the #1 preschool in the Sussex area for three years in a row. Mrs. Gray has completed the Provincial Curriculum Training for pre-school programs and holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education. Mrs. Gray has two grown children and one daughter who is currently enrolled at Sussex Christian School.



High School Bible: Rev. Mark Worth

Rev. Mark Worth is an ordained pastor and serves full time as Lead Pastor of a local area church. He has recently completed an MS in Education. Mark is the middle and high school chaplain and teaches Bible at the high school level. He and his family are originally from Prince Edward Island. His two children both attend SCS.


Math and Language: Mrs. Sherry Cowper

Mrs. Cowper has a B.Sc. in Christian School Education and is currently a graduate student at Cairn University. Sherry has been teaching since 1993 and in her time at SCS, has taught at a variety of levels from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 4. Currently she is teaching grades 2 and 4 math and language, as well as grade 7 math. Mrs. Cowper also leads the after school program for Kindergarten to Grade 2. Both of her children are currently enrolled at SCS, the oldest of whom will graduate this year.


High School Math & Science: Mr. Steve Cowper

Mr. Cowper has a Bachelor of Science degree and an MA in Education. Steve joined the teaching profession in 2007 and anchors the High School Math & Science department. In addition, Mr. Cowper serves as the staff advisor for science-and math-focused seniors and is the school’s techie. He, along with his wife Sherry, also an SCS teacher, has two children enrolled at SCS.


Computer: Mr. Preston Mowry

Mr. Mowry is a graduate of NBBI. He is a former youth pastor and currently a senior pastor in the area. He has taught computer at the Junior High level in the past. It is a pleasure to have him as part of the SCS staff to teach the high school computer course. Mr. Mowry has one daughter who attends SCS.


International Director: Mrs. Vicky Lee

Mrs. Lee’s formal training is in the medical field with an Associate Degree in Radiology, but her years of experience in volunteer work with young children as well as home-schooling her two oldest girls have helped round out her capabilities in the classroom as she works toward completion of her Bachelor of Arts in Christian School Education. She also has taken TESOL training that has prepared her for assisting our foreign students in ESL. Mrs. Lee is the mother of four girls; the two oldest are graduates of Sussex Christian School; one is now part of our teaching staff and one is a graduate student at Liberty University. Her other two daughters attend Sussex Christian School.


Individual Studies: Mrs. Tina McDonald

Mrs. McDonald is a graduate of New Brunswick Bible Institute and Covington Theological Seminary, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Education. She has been involved in ministry in various forms, including a variety of practical experience with teens. Mrs. McDonald will facilitate elective studies for our high school students. She is the mother of five children, all of whom are enrolled at Sussex Christian School.


Support Personnel

School Psychologist: Mrs. Anne Graham

Over the past twenty years Anne has worked with children, adolescents, and their families in various capacities. After completing her degree at the University of New Brunswick, Anne first worked in various elementary and middle schools within the public system, and was also employed as a teacher at SCS. Before beginning her Master’s program, Anne was employed in Portland, ME, working with emotionally, socially and physically challenged children and youth as a therapeutic foster parent. Over the past several years she has worked within a Mental Health Clinic in the Province of New Brunswick, and now has a private practice. Anne is working in a part time role at SCS to provide private office hours, classroom time with students and consultation to administration.

Elementary Chaplain: Mr. Andrew Dorey

Mr. Dorey, is a graduate of Prairie High School. After graduating he worked for several years in the textile industry then he returned to studies on a B. Min. through Prairie Bible College. He has served in several ministry positions including Children’s and Youth Pastor and Camp Director. Working with diverse groups of children has lead him into studies and courses on Autism Spectrum Disorder. His experience fits well into the SCS team as he serves as an Educational Mentor for several students in the school with exceptionalities. Mr. Dorey has served as the school’s elementary chaplain since 2012, and also teaches elementary music. Mr. Dorey along with his wife and four children have been serving with One Hope Canada (formerly CSSM Ministries) since 2003.  In his spare time Mr. Dorey enjoys gardening and home renovations, as well as skiing and participating in 5K runs. The Dorey’s oldest daughter is a graduate of SCS and their other two daughters are students at Sussex Christian School.



Physical Education: Mrs. Maggie Bean
Middle School & High School

Mrs. Bean and her husband Steve are originally from Sussex, and after serving in ministry in various places, moved back home with their family in 2015. They have one adult daughter, a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University; one son, a graduate of Sussex Christian School, now attending NBCC; and one school-aged daughter currently attending Sussex Christian School. Mrs. Bean has a background in helping schools implement a variety of personal fitness activities as well as team sports. She is trained in first aid and CPR and as an Educational Assistant. She has varied classroom experience working with teens and young children in several subject areas. Her experience makes her well suited as Middle/High School phys. ed. teacher and athletic director for Sussex Christian School. Her other interests and experience include photography, hobby farming, and basket weaving. She is a certified doula and has her own on-line business.


Physical Education: Mrs. Tanya Fritz Dorey
Elementary School

Mrs. Fritz Dorey along with her husband and four children have been serving with One Hope Canada (formerly CSSM Ministries) since 2003. She is excited to be back in the gym putting to use the hours of training as a competitive gymnast as well as her training in early childhood education and toward a B. Christian Ed. Over the winter months she spends countless hours crocheting hats for her online business. She also looks forward to snow days so the family can spend time on the slopes.


Teaching Assistant: Miss Beth Neill

Miss Neill received a Bachelor of Nursing Degree from UNB in 1997.  She currently works at the Sussex Health Centre and has been volunteering at SCS since 2006. She is presently an invaluable assistant to the Primary classrooms at SCS. Beth has worked at local Bible camps as well as being involved with children’s ministries in her home church.  She loves working with children, which is evident from the time that she freely gives to Sussex Christian School.


Office Personnel: Mrs. Vicki Graham

Mrs. Graham homeschooled her children until enrolling her three youngest at Sussex Christian School in 2000. Vicki started working in the school office the following year, and has been here ever since. Her daughter and two sons have since graduated from SCS, but Vicki continues to anchor the SCS office. Vicki was a “hockey mom” and continues to volunteer as treasurer of her local hockey club. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of Sussex Wesleyan, and enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren.


 Vicki Graham

Office Personnel: Mrs. Debbie Moss

Mrs. Debbie Moss is a former home school educator, having taught two of her four children. Her youngest daughter came to Sussex Christian School in 2011 to finish high school and graduated in 2013.  Debbie has worked in the school office since the fall of 2011. She has been active in her church for many years as Sunday School Superintendent and teacher.  She also maintains the financial records for her husband’s carpentry business.

Debbie Moss

Office Personnel: Mrs. Pat Taylor

Mrs. Taylor and her husband have been career missionaries, having spent twelve years in Haiti and four in Africa (Rwanda and Swaziland). Pat was the secretary for SCS and Sussex Wesleyan Church for seven years before going to Africa. She now offers her time once a week to the school to assist the Administration of the school in whatever capacity needed.

Pat Taylor

Technical Assistant: Miss Emily Pickert

Emily graduated from Kingswood University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Theology and with her MA in Pastoral Theology in 2015, also from KU. Emily is currently employed with Kingswood University in the Enrolment Department but volunteers her time to assist SCS in the areas of sound tech and web support as well as designing graphics for communication and promotional purposes.

Hot Lunch Co-ordinator: Mrs. Lora Carter

Mrs. Carter and her family moved to the Sussex area in the spring of 2017. After several years of home-schooling, she and her husband, Jason, chose to enroll their three daughters in Sussex Christian School. Lora has her own-home-based baking business, and as such, has her food-handling certification. Her skills in the kitchen have made her a valuable asset as the hot lunch coordinator for the school. Mrs. Carter also serves an educational assistant in the elementary grades.

Thanks to Dave Taylor for taking the photos of our staff and faculty!